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In Monastir, a sunny and quiet town twenty kilometers from Cagliari, the passion for good food has turned into an art that has been handed down from father to son.

The secrets of the family recipes have always been jealously guarded, with the pride with which the most precious jewels are handed down.

Thus in the secret of the husks of the typical Campidanese houses, the tastiest, finest and most genuine cold cuts were prepared to celebrate the abundance of the harvest in joy.

Even today, the Salumificio Campidanese Su Sartizzu® preserves the ancient family recipe with equal jealousy and puts the same passion and attention to detail handed down from past generations, to produce cured meats with a unique and inimitable taste.

Salumificio Campidanese Su Sartizzu® has an experience that was born as early as 1927 when his father Giorgio, butcher and great connoisseur of meat, and his mother Fedora, famous in the country for her culinary skills and love for typical cuisine, they dedicate their lives to the family business, initially making traditional cured meats with a unique and unmistakable taste for a few close friends and friends.

The experience is handed down to his son Ignazio and from 1968 to his wife Barbara Fois who shares his passion for processing meat according to tradition. In the business Barbara acquires from her mother-in-law Fedora all the old recipes including those of the typical salami of Campidano, making them a treasure with her husband that, over the years, grows richer and richer.

In 1988 the Salumificio Campidanese Su Sartizzu® was born, in which all the experience and professionalism acquired over the years is poured and which today in turn, Ignazio and Barbara, are jealously handed down to their sons Lorenzo and Nicola.

Salumificio Campidanese Su Sartizzu® is a serious family-run company whose traditional roots dictate rules that, today as in the past, allow us to guarantee the quality and consistency of a product with a strong taste, controlled on the quantity of fatty parts never in excess and the quality of the meat, always fresh. To confirm this we can boast the possession of the European Economic Community (EEC) stamp.

Furthermore, regular checks are carried out in our laboratories relating to the regulations pursuant to Legislative Decree 155/97 regarding HACCP

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