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A family history since 1988...


    In Campidano, the rich and green plain of southern Sardinia, it is traditional to prepare sausages, mustele, bacon, hams and salami which have the characteristic of being genuine, composed only of pork meat, pulpy and with little fat, seasoned with salt, pepper and herbs scented typical of the area.

    The Salumificio Campidanese was born in 1988 in which all the experience and professionalism acquired over the years is reserved and which today in turn, Ignazio and Barbara, are jealously handing down to their sons Lorenzo and Nicola.

    The secrets of the "lolle"; typical campidanese houses, recipes have always been jealously guarded, with the pride with which the most precious jewels are handed down.

    Thus, in the secret of the "hulls" of the typical Campidanese houses, the tastiest, most valuable and most genuine cured meats were prepared to cheerfully celebrate the abundance of the harvest.

    Salumificio 1988.

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