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Box varies
  • Box varies

    Our "various box" offers:


    -Typical Guanciale (cured pig jowls)(400 g) from adult pigs, seasoned and properly peppered. After the seasoning of about 60 days, its meat is pink and the lard that completes the structure is pure white.


    -Sardinian sausage with myrtle aroma (400gr) with a weight of about 400 grams, caliber from 40 to 43 millimeters and a low percentage of fat, faithfully reproduces the ancient Campidanese recipe, preserving the typical taste of the local gastronomy.


    - Fine sausage "Sa Cannacca" (350gr) iconic product of the company is made only and exclusively with controlled and degreased pulp in order to achieve the right balance of aromas make it a unique product in terms of taste and leanness.


    -Capocollo or Coppa (500gr) is the upper part of the pork loin. It has a bright colour, with pronounced aromas and an incomparable taste.


    - Local salami (450gr) with a sweet taste, very lean and coarse-grained.


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